The Robinhood Foundation is a non-profit organization based in Houston, Texas. Our organization promotes, helps, and assists other non-profit organizations in and around the local community as well as state and nationwide. Our focus is to help the underprivileged youth, underserved adults and aid and assist other nonprofits to help them run effectively and efficiently. Through fundraising and donations to individuals and organizations, The Robinhood Foundation uses new, creative, and innovation venture philanthropic methods to reach their organizational goals. We are also open to other charitable endeavors that directly benefit local and national communities.


The Robinhood Foundation was founded by Andre’ Fletcher. Andre’ is a Houston native and seasoned entrepreneur with experience in the founding and development of a number of small businesses, start-ups, and other non-profit organizations. His passion for giving back to the community is rooted in his early childhood upbringing, and personal and professional life experiences. It was through organizations like the Robinhood Foundation that Andre’ has reached his goals. Not only is Andre’ a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity and A.F. & A.M. Affiliated Organization, he is also a long-term member of his church. As a youth, Andre’ was involved in everything from street gangs to petty crimes, but his strong love for family, sense of community and passion for learning, pushed him to want more out of life. Andre’ was able to excel, despite these circumstances, in academics, arts and sports winning a number of awards and recognitions throughout his entire life.

Andre’ continued to excel, being the first person in his family to graduate from high school and later graduating from Texas Southern University with a Bachelor of Science degree and double minor in history and sociology. While at Texas Southern University, Andre’ obtained the National Dean’s List Award and the University Honor Roll a number of times throughout his academic career. He was also a stellar collegiate athlete, winning two SWAC Conference Championships in NCAA Division I Men’s Triple Jump.

After graduating from college, Andre’ went on to work for various Top Fortune 100 companies including, MD Anderson Cancer Center in the veterinarian and surgery department and Amgen as a research and development lead analyst. It was during this time, Andre’ was inspired to create his own company, founding a social networking, promotions and marketing company. After years of corporate and entrepreneur lucrative business ventures, Andre’ decided to return back to school to the obtain a degree in law. He realized that a law degree would give him the education and skills needed to better help and assist not only his professional and entrepreneur career but to better serve his community. Andre’ now plans to use the skills and knowledge he acquired in law school to implement new and creative venture philanthropic ways to aid and assist other non-profit organizations, as well as his community through his creation of the Robinhood Foundation..